Films Wanted

I am currently seeking the following films and film commentaries. If you have access to either please contact me. © – denotes audio commentary only
The Way We Live Now (Director: Barry Brown, 1970)
The Cool World (Director: Shirley Clarke, 1964)
©Raging Bull (Scorsese, 1980) Audio commentary with Martin Scorsese and editor Thelma Schoonmaker – Found!
©The Limey (Soderbergh, 1999) Audio commentary with Steven Soderbergh and Lem Dobbs – Found!
©Mean Streets (Scorsese, 1973) Audio commentary with Martin Scorsese and Amy Robinson – Found!
©The Conversation (Coppola, 1974) Audio commentary with Francis Ford Coppola – Found!
©Letter Never Sent (Kalatozov, 1960) Audio commentary with Steven Soderbergh, Terrence Malick, and Steven Spielberg

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