Films Watched August 2018

Here is the current list of the films I’ve seen for August 2018
Little Fugitive – (Morris Engel, Ruth Orkin, and Raymond Abrashkin, 1953)
All the Mornings of the World aka Tous les matins du monde (Alain Corneau, 1991)
Choice of Arms (Alain Corneau, 1981)
Wùlu (Daouda Coulibaly, 2016)
The Sunshine Boys (Herbert Ross, 1975)
The Missouri Breaks (Arthur Penn, 1976)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Michel Gondry, 2004)
La Moustache (Emmanuel Carrère, 2005)
The Departed (Martin Scorsese, 2006)
Horace and Pete (Louis C.K., 2016)
Casablanca (Michael Curtiz, 1942)
Pretty Poison (Noel Black, 1968)
The Two Jakes (Jack Nicholson, 1990)
The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick (Wim Wenders, 1972)
American Gigolo (Paul Schrader, 1980)
Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story (Michael Winterbottom, 2005)
Schneider vs. Bax (Alex van Warmerdam, 2015)
The Celebration aka Festen (Thomas Vinterberg, 1998)

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