Films Watched February 2020

Here is a list of films I’ve watched February 2020 –
That Obscure Object of Desire (Luis Buñuel, 1977)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (George Roy Hill, 1969)
Violent Cop (Takeshi Kitano, 1989)
Boiling Point (Takeshi Kitano, 1990)
The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (Gilbert Moses, 1979)
Harry and Tonto (Paul Mazursky, 1974)
Motherless Brooklyn (Edward Norton, 2019)
The Sugarland Express (Steven Spielberg, 1974)
Blue Chips (William Friedkin, 1994)
The Rain People (Francis Ford Coppola, 1969)
Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday (Jacques Tati, 1954)
Mon Oncle (Jacques Tati, 1958)
Trafic (Jacques Tati, 1971)
Playtime (Jacques Tati, 1967)
The Reckoning (Jack Gold, 1970)
The Card (Ronald Neame, 1952)
Alfie (Lewis Gilbert, 1966)
Under the Tree (Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson, 2017)
April Story (Shunji Iwai, 1998)

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