Director Audio Commentaries April 2018

Here is a list of audio commentaries that I’ve listen to for April 2018
The Invisible Man – Audio Commentary with film historian Rudy Behlmer
The Mummy – Audio Commentary with Film Historian Paul M. Jensen
Last Life in The Universe – Audio Commentary with director of photography Christopher Doyle
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Audio Commentary with director Tobe Hooper, director of photography Daniel Pearl, and actor Gunnar Hansen
Harper – Audio commentary with screenwriter William Goldman
Time After Time – Audio commentary with director Nicholas Meyer and actor Malcolm McDowell
Saturday Night Fever – Audio commentary with director John Badham
Targets – Audio commentary with director Peter Bogdanovich
Pink Flamingos – Audio commentary with director John Waters
O Lucky Man – Audio commentary with actor Malcolm McDowell, screenwriter David Sherwin, and musician Alan Price

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