Director Audio Commentaries – October 2017

Here is the list of Director Audio Commentaries that I’ve listen to for – October 2017
Pinky – Audio Commentary with author Kenneth Geist
The Duellists – Audio Commentary with director Ridley Scott
Metropolis – Audio commentary with film historian David Kalat and film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum
Jamaica Inn – Audio commentary with film critic Jeremy Arnold
Light Sleeper – Audio Commentary with director Paul Schrader
The Friends of Eddie Coyle – Audio Commentary with director Peter Yates
George Washington – Audio commentary by director David Gordon Green, cinematographer Tim Orr, and actor Paul Schneider
Throne of Blood Audio – Audio Commentary featuring Japanese-film expert Michael Jeck
Pandora’s Box – Audio commentary with film scholars Thomas Elsaesser and Mary Ann Doane
The War Game – Audio Commentary with Patrick Murphy
California Split – Audio Commentary with director Robert Altman,actors Elliott Gould and George Segal and co-screenwriter Joseph Walsh
The Long Good Friday – Audio Commentary with director John Mackenzie
Diary of a Country Priest – Audio commentary with film historian Peter Cowie
The Immortal Story – Audio commentary with film scholar Adrian Martin
Paris, Texas – Audio Commentary with director Wim Wenders

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